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Wetaskiwin Family Medical Practice
 Telephone: 780-352-3010
Prescription Refills
Prescribing medication comes with responsibility and the need for periodic evaluations. Whenever possible prescriptions are provided for a specified duration at which time the patient needs to be seen by the Doctor.

All prescription refills should be requested during regular office visits.  If a patient cannot get an appointment prior to the prescription running out, please have the pharmacy fax the Doctor requesting a refill with as much notice as possible as the doctors do not work in the clinic each day.  Prescription refills by fax are done at the discretion of the Doctor.
​There is no routine time limit for diagnostic test (lab, x-ray, MRI, CT Scan, etc) results to come back to the office.   The time for return of the result is dependent upon the test requested. 

If there is a result that your Doctor wants to see you about, you will be contacted by the office.  If you do not hear from the office and are still experiencing problems or wish to know the results of your tests, please call the office to schedule an appointment.