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Wetaskiwin Family Medical Practice
 Telephone: 780-352-3010
Frequently Asked Questions...
Why do you only book one month in advance?
Scheduling is difficult.  We usually get the Emergency Schedule only one month in advance and endeavor to have the schedule completed by the 15th of each month for the proceeding month or the next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend.  We want to avoid having to reschedule your appointment as much as possible.

Why can't I get my test results over the phone?
In keeping with providing our patients with the best care possible, we are unable to release confidential test results and information over the phone.  It is important to make an appointment to discuss your test results with your doctor to ensure that there is no miscommunication about the results.

Can I call the office to speak to my Doctor?
Unfortunately the doctors at WFMP do not do patient care over the telephone.  They are not able to diagnose health concerns over the phone.  If you have a medical concern, please book an appointment to see your doctor.

If one of my family members has an appointment, can I be added to their appointment?
Doctors are usually booked to their capacity and if we add another person that would mean we are double booking the doctor.  When the doctor is overbooked it increases wait times at the clinic.  If in doubt, please ask the doctor.

I have a form to be filled out, can I just drop it at the office to have it completed?
Most forms require both yourself and the doctor to work together to complete.  You will need to book a regular appointment and bring the form with you.  Remember in some cases form completion is an uninsured service.

Are any of the Doctors at WFMP accepting new patients?
Yes. Dr. Hendriks is currently accepting new patients at this time.  Please call the office to schedule an appointment.

Why can't my Doctor give me a year refill for my prescriptions?
Medication use requires close medical supervision.  If you are in need of a refill, that means that the Doctor wants to see how you are doing on your medication and you should book an appointment.  Remember that some Doctors at WFMP book several weeks in advance.

Will my Doctor see me if I am unable to come to the clinic?
Most of the Doctors at WFMP will see shut-in, lodge or palliative care patients.  Please speak to your Doctor if you require one of these services.