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Wetaskiwin Family Medical Practice
 Telephone: 780-352-3010

WHY:  Some of the physicians at WFMP have implemented the ASAP program to their practice in order to ensure that their patients are getting the appropriate health screening to keep them healthy, active and well. 

WHAT:  Screening Tests

WHEN:  On your birth month, you can expect to be contacted to have your screening tests completed.  Screening tests include:  Lab Work, Influenza Vaccination, Pap Tests, Colorectal Cancer Screening, and Mammograms.  

WHERE:  Once you have had your screening tests completed, you can contact the office and you  will be booked complete appointment with your doctor to go over your results and to do further screening in regards to: Tobacco Use, Alcohol Use, Exercise Level, and Street Drug Use.  When you are at the office for your complete exam you can expect to have measured your:  blood pressure, height, weight, waist circumference, and oxygen saturation.  This will help your Doctor complete your overall health profile.

HOW:  That's the easy part.  We will contact YOU.  

The biggest benefit of the program is improving rates of screening and early detection of significant health issues.  We know that early detection means better outcomes.  At WFMP we care about your health and want to do our part in making each person receive the best care we are capable of providing - even when you don't see the doctor often.